David Skuy | Rebel Power Play

Rebel Power Play


The Charlie Joyce Hockey Series #2


All Charlie Joyce wants to do is play hockey. But he missed tryouts back in April because his family had to move, and now he faces an entire winter without a team. Tough when all his friends have AAA spots lined up. Just when he resigns himself to missing the season a new Terrence Falls team enters the league. Charlie figures everything will be perfect; and boy is he wrong! He forgets his arch-enemies — Jake Wilkenson and his crew — play in the same league; and his new team turns out to be a nightmare.

So what does a grade 9 kid do? How about start his own team? Rebel Powerplay is the supercharged sequel to Off The Crossbar, and establishes Charlie Joyce as a classic sports figure. Charlie loves to play hockey, but will belligerent coaches, jealous teammates, and cheap shots keep him off the ice? Find out in Rebel Powerplay.

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