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Action-packed stories, intense drama, powerful characters – you’ll find all this and more in David Skuy’s award-winning and critically-acclaimed YA novels. Kids aged 8 – 12 will love the easy-reading style and engaging stories, and parents will love to see their kids reading! These books speak to issues that kids care about, that relate to their real lives – so click on a book and learn more.


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  • Run

    Lionel is bullied at school and at home. He sees no way out, until he discovers something about himself: he’s fast. But he finds out that he cannot outrun all his problems.

  • Memoirs of a Sidekick
    Memoirs of a Sidekick

    Laugh along with Boris Snodbuckle and his loyal sidekick, Adrian, as they try to save their school from a terrible fate. Mayhem, chaos, destruction, and adventure — all part of a normal day for our heroes as they race against time. Memoirs of a Sidekick — for the young – and young at heart!