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Let’s Get Reading!


Action-packed stories, intense drama, powerful characters – you’ll find all this and more in David Skuy’s award-winning and critically-acclaimed YA novels. Kids aged 8 – 12 will love the easy-reading style and engaging stories, and parents will love to see their kids reading! These books speak to issues that kids care about, that relate to their real lives – so click on a book and learn more.


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4 / 10


  • Rocket Blues
    Rocket Blues

    Nominated for the MYRCA, Snow Willow, Rocky Mountain Book, and Red Cedar Awards. David Skuy’s newest hockey series – featuring Bryan “The Rocket” Rockwood – a kid who’s told to quit playing the game he loves. But some kids don’t like being told what to do!

    Rocket Blues 
  • Last Shot
    Last Shot

    Bryan “The Rocket” Rockwood is back – and this time looking to make the OHL! Last round draft picks usually have a tough time, however – but Rocket isn’t just any player, and he’s determined to follow his hockey dreams. But are dreams enough?

    Last Shot  
  • Striker

    2015 Silver Birch Honour Book Finalist. Cody survives a brush with cancer – but will the memories hold him back? Find out as he struggles to prove himself – on and off the soccer field.

  • The Beautiful Game
    The Beautiful Game

    The second book in the Silver Birch nominated Striker series. Cody has survived cancer treatment and he’s made the Lions soccer club. But life throws more challenges his way, as Cody and his friends fight to save their season from going off the rails. Is everything Cody worked so hard for going to disappear?

    The Beautiful Game  
  • Undergrounders

    Winner of the 2012 Silver Birch Award. Shortlisted for the 2012 Snow Willow Award. Runner Up for the Manitoba Young Readers’ Award. Gritty, hard-hitting, and relentlessly exciting, Undergrounders explores life on the streets for Jonathon, a 12-year old kid who fights to forge a better life for himself.

  • Game time: #1 Off the Crossbar
    Game time: #1 Off the Crossbar

    A family tragedy forces Charlie Joyce and his family to start over in a new town. The exciting debut of the series, Charlie must battle though a mountain of troubles, on and off the ice.

    Off the Crossbar 
  • Game time: #2 Rebel Power Play
    Game time: #2 Rebel Power Play

    Charlie loves hockey, but will belligerent coaches, jealous teammates, and cheap shots force him to watch from the stands? Find out in the second book in the series.

    Rebel Power Play 
  • Game Time: #3 Making the Cut
    Game Time: #3 Making the Cut

    Charlie is invited to an elite hockey school for the summer - and then things get intense! Intimidation, demanding coaches, and a terrible accusation that could ruin everything heats up the action in Book 3 of the series.

    Making the Cut 
  • Game Time: #4 Overtime
    Game Time: #4 Overtime

    The school might shut down - no hockey, new friends - a total nightmare! Charlie and his crew jump into action to raise the money to save the school. A co-ed tourney and a life-and death situation that challenges Charlie to the limits make the 4th book in the series the wildest ride yet.

  • Game Time: #5 Double Shift
    Game Time: #5 Double Shift

    A disaster means Charlie may have to leave Terrence Falls. He's always relied on his teammates to help; but never like this before. Can Charlie pull off the impossible? Can anyone? This is the final book in the series - and you won't believe the ending!

    Double Shift