David Skuy | The First Blog Post – Hurrah!

The First Blog Post – Hurrah!

The First Blog Post – Hurrah!

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Are those trumpets I hear in the distance?


Can’t hear them? Trust me, they’re blasting away.

This my the first blog.

So why should I read your blog, I hear you cry.

Here’s why: I’m letting you inside – right inside my head – right inside the books. Come to the blog to get the latest on how my newest book is coming along.

Over the next few months I’ll be revising two books and submitting them to publishers; and just for fun I’ll share any rejection letters with you. On that topic, I hope you’ll learn to reject all rejection letters. Move on and keep going – other than J.K Rowland and a handful of others, rejection is the name of the game.

I’ll also be trying to get a sequel published for a soccer series and a hockey series. A series is a great thing – once it’s popular you can sell a lot of books. It’s getting that second one published and turning a book into a series that’s the tricky part. You can live that with me.

I’ll also be starting a new book in the next month (the trumpets are playing again – although you can’t hear them because … you can’t), and you can live through the idea phase with me – and maybe participate! It would be nice to hear how dumb an idea is before I waste six months writing about it – so help me out.

And if you have something for me to read, send it over. Seriously. I’ll put it on the blog and we can get comments and have fun with it.

The first David Skuy blog entry is now officially over. You can stop reading – or you can read just a bit more:

I sincerely hope kids and parents will join with me as we journey together along the writing highway (that’s an example of bad writing – there is no such thing as a highway with writing on it … and obviously, I did that on purpose!).

Have a great week, and come back next week when I blog about a manuscript I’m revising called The Fair. It’s set in Robin Hood times in Merry Ol’ England, and follows the wild escapades of Pip and his two best friends, Lucy and Harold. They end up having a Robin Hood-like adventure of their own, as they too try to steal from the rich and give to the poor (spoiler alert – possible Robin Hood cameo).

Send any comments to info@davidskuy.com. I respond to everyone!

See ya!


David Skuy

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