David Skuy | Off the Crossbar

Off the Crossbar



The Charlie Joyce Hockey Series #1


Things are not going well for Charlie Joyce. His father was killed in a tragic car accident, and his mother decides to move the family to another town, Terrence Falls. So it’s goodbye to all his friends, his school, and his hockey team, and hello to a new high school where he doesn’t know a single person. The first day of school starts out okay — for about five minutes — when the three toughest kids in grade 9 begin to bully him. Things only go from bad to worse when the teacher announces tryouts for the school hockey team.

Charlie is a good player, and thinks this would be a great way to make some friends and get playing again. Unfortunately, his three new “friends” think otherwise. “The team’s basically picked, so why don’t you try out for something else,” he’s told. “We need a towel boy,” one kid taunts. “I could use a skate tightener,” adds another. Charlie knows he can’t back down — not in front of the entire class. So he takes them on. “I usually let my game do the talking,” he fires back. Now he’s in for it. He has to try out; and he’d better make good or his classmates will never let him live it down. Off The Crossbar introduces readers to the most famous hockey kid around — Charlie Joyce. It’s non-stop action, as Charlie faces up to his new life in Terrence Falls and battles his way against a mountain of trouble — on and off the ice.

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